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Isn't it time you got your business on the web? This is an ideal introductory package for the small business looking to get online. There is no better time than now to get started. Perfect for business that wish to have an entry level website, the Simple Site Solution is a 'real' website at an affordable price.

  Local Directory XYZ Business BC
Package: Premium Billboard Simple Site Solution
  • 1 page of information
  • inserting relevant meta tags
  • we create a Billboard Quick Quiz and counter so you may monitor visits to your Billboard
  • our ad circular rotates atop your billboard
  • email forwarding
  • A Real URL
  • Real Email Addresses
  • 1 page of information about your business
  • 3 images - photographs or logos
  • 1 year of hosting
  • Featured customer listing on
Email: Email forwarding 5 pop accounts
5 email forwards
Email Address: + 4 more
Stats: A quiz that monitors your visits Accurate, useable statistics, like page hits, unique visitors, referring websites and key search phrases used to find your site.
Website: This option is a directory on somebody elses website This is YOUR website
Price: First annual price includes setup and design: $948 +tax
Subsequent years: $528 +tax
   First year price: $450.00 + tax
* Subsequent years: $260.00 + tax
  You save $498.00 your first year
AND you get your own domain, real email addresses and a featured listing with Business BC
* Ongoing annual charges will include domain registration fees of $30.00 CDN for ".com" and ".net" domains, $180.00 CDN for annual hosting fees and $50.00 CDN for a featured listing with Business BC